Submission Requirements


The submission deadline is June 29, 2012. All entries must be received electronically and be uploaded to the competition webpage prior to 5pm local time (Pacific Standard Time). All applicants are encouraged to upload their submissions as soon as possible to avoid any potential difficulties at the deadline. Applicants will be able to modify their submissions up to the deadline.

An open question period was in effect from May 2 to May 23. Questions from interested applicants were sent to for response from staff. View the questions submitted and the responses.

    • Submissions must be received digitally, as either a PDF or JPEG
    • Submissions must contain two Tabloid sized panels (11”x17” or 279mm × 432mm)
    • Content on panels must be oriented in portrait-style
    • For both streams, submission panels must integrate text that identifies the goals pursued and how they meet the criteria as laid out by the competition
    • Clear visual communication of the idea is required in both streams
    • Applicants must include as part of their submission, a small square JPEG (approximately 1024 x 1024 pixels) to act as a thumbnail reference for the online public voting gallery
    • In addition, a written summary of up to 70 words must be submitted as a reference for the voting gallery
    • Participants are permitted to upload revised material but the previous submission will be overwritten
    • All panels must be submitted entirely anonymously and be void of any identifying text, logos, or other graphics. (see more detail below)
    • Each submission must be clearly directed to a single award category. A single submission cannot be entered in multiple categories; however an applicant may enter unique submissions in each category.

The official language of the competition is English. Submissions must be in English. Any participants contacting the members of the jury will be disqualified. Non-complying or late entries will be disqualified.


While contact information for entrant teams or individuals must be provided, submissions themselves must be entirely anonymous for the purpose of adjudication. Submissions containing distinctive graphics, logos, or other identifying content will be disallowed.

All personal information will be kept in confidence and will not be made available to the jury or members of the public until the adjudication process is complete. No participant’s name, firm’s names or other means of identification is permitted to be included on the submission panels.

A third party website provider will be handling the submissions and will be packaging them anonymously for adjudication. Submissions will be given a unique identification number that will link the material to the participant’s names. Once adjudication is complete, the names of the winners will be identified through their submission number by the competition organizer.

Ownership and Copyrights

Submissions are to be original works of the applicant. Participants assume responsibility for any breach of intellectual property or copyright entitlements of others. Submissions may consist of or include previously used concepts and work; however, they must be adapted for the requirements of this competition.

Authors will retain ownership and copyrights of the materials submitted. The entrant author shall grant to the competition organizers the right to publish in books, exhibitions, websites and magazines images submitted in the competition. Credit will be given to the authors. The designs and drawings and other forms of representation submitted are the sole property of the authors; subject to copyright; and their reproduction or use in any fashion is strictly prohibited without the express permission of their authors.

Note: as this is an ideas competition, it does not entail the actual construction of submitted projects.

Acceptance of Conditions

By making a submission, contest participants agree to all terms of the competition. Submissions that do not comply with the competition requirements will be removed from consideration by the contest’s competition organizer.

AIBC Bylaws and Bulletin 63

re:THINK HOUSING competition has been reviewed by and is supported by the AIBC. It is open to participation by members of the institute’s community. Its terms and conditions are consistent with AIBC Bylaws 34.9 through to 34.14, Bulletin 63, and Council policies.


re:THINK HOUSING is sponsored by the City of Vancouver. The City of Vancouver maintains ownership and copyright of the Competition, the name, webpage and other associated publications and exhibitions.