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Vibrant Neighbourhoods - Submission #117

A Single Family Residence that can be converted to a Two Family Residence.

Designed to adapt to the changing incomes of young singles and also of the empty nester, this 1800 - 1900 SF Three Bedroom Single Family Home can be converted to an gracious First Floor Apartment at 1100 SF and a Second Floor One Bedroom at 800 SF.

South Facing windows allow for passive solar
heat gain. A large front entry porch extneds the perception of the living space from within and encourages neighborhood interaction. The covered porch also serves as a platform for photovoltaic panels and or a green roof. Windows are minimized on the North Elevation. Bathrooms and Stair form the North Elevation. Conversion with a full height sliding wall located at the stair landing isolates the first floor from the second floor when two households are desired.
Two Bedrooms and a bath on the second floor are converted to a Living/Dining Room and a single bedroom apartment. To supplement the mortage payments at initial purchase for young couples before they have started a family. As the household grows and additional bedrooms are required the second floor becomes part of the Single Family Residence as it becomes a three bedroom house. As the couple ages and become empty nesters the second floor can become a source of additional income as an apartment. Or provide a unit for a live in care giver.
Designed with an overall dimension of 24 ft x 60 ft including the covered porch area the building footprint would work well in the 594 W. 26th Avenue area zoned RT-5 where typical lot sizes are in the range of 38.35 m x 17.41 m. Exterior Finish materials are a mixture of face brick and wood siding to compliment the existing neighborhood.

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