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Building Bold - Submission #47

re:FLECT Vancouver

REFLECTION (mathematics) = transformation of a space
in computer science reflection is the ability of a computer program to exmine and modify the structure and the behaviour of an object.

VANCOUVER GRID is the foundational element of the city from the first settlement

Celebration of the collective through a series of elements such as the communal courtyard, meeting spaces and rooftop vegetable gardens are still a major request of the modern city inhabitants.
Serendipity, complexity, construction, anticipation, surprise and delight: these very human experiences are what great cities offer. The adoption of more flexible, less restrictive land-use zoning will also be the key to eventually shift Vancouver´s zoned land base away from exclusively single-family detached homes towards more sustainable, afforable and diverse housing options.

4th dimension using technology to identify and map community needs by crowd sourcing information that can be responded to by authorities and individuals. These technologies are opening the door to a new approach to urban planning. A open source software that can be downloaded and used by each group/individual to create a growing/living city map

Start in gastown, downtown, kitsilano and expand further to richmond, northvan etc. Empty gaps between buildings, open parking lots can be used to densify the city and offer the open sturucture for PPPP (public private person partnership), or other funding systems to integrate housing, public functions (schools, sport facilities, etc) offices, …. as well as to produce energy (PV-collectors, wind, energy storage inside the structure that can´t be used due to little daylight), grow vegetables on the rooftop, produce biomass to be used for energy etc, use recycled material and expand this use through a network to find reusable material, reuse graywater, collect rainwater to water plants, etc.

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